Regular Weight Pull Harnesses
0-30 lbs. ~~ ~~ $45.00 USD/CAD**

31-50 lbs. ~~ ~~ $60.00 USD/CAD**

51-70 lbs. ~~ ~~ $65.00 USD/CAD**

71-90 lbs ~~ ~~ $75.00 USD/CAD**

91-120 lbs ~~ ~~ $85.00 USD/CAD**

121-150 lbs ~~ ~~ $95.00 USD/CAD**

** The above prices are for a harness with
a single color
around the neck/shoulder area.
When possible we coordinate the spreader bars with the harness color.
Fantasy & Custom Harnesses
Fantasy harnesses are an addition $30-
for full fabric application
or $20- for a 3/4 covering (see below for examples).

Embroidery is $2- per letter

Harnesses with all over 1" color accents are an additional $10-
(see color page for examples)
Any questions about pricing, just ask :)
3/4 fabric Fantasy harness (EMB is extra)
The harness on the left is a 3/4 fantasy harness. The fabric covers the top straps & the inside of the traces. This application works best for adding a name as it shows up the best.
The harness on the right is a full fabric Fantasy harness. These are also available with embroidery but some fabrics show the letters better than others.
Full fabric Fantasy harness.
Walking/Working Harness
10-40 lbs. ~~ ~~ $35.00 US

41-70 lbs. ~~ ~~ $40.00 US

71-100 lbs. ~~ ~~ $45.00 US
Gift Certificates !
Want to surprise your favorite puller with a new harness
but unsure of the size??
We now offer gift certificates.
Purchase a Gift Certificate and when the recipient gets the gift,
they simply send it in with the measurements
for the perfect Custom gift!!
Email Us For Details.
* Custom Orders Available For Sizes Not Listed *

* Measurments Required For Weight pull & Walking Harnesses *

* Shipping is $30-US for the first harness and
an additional $10-US per harness for multiple orders *
* International Shipping ask and we will let you know. This varies by country*
* Walking Harnesses are $20-shipping *
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