Weight Pull Harness
"Reids A/A BooBoo in Black"
Shown at the left, Boo has a regular padded neck and at the right,DJ has the rolled foam. Please specify in the comments box on the order form which style you prefer. The rolled neck is also available on the walking harnesses.
Rolled neck custom harness with embroidery.
Our harnesses are made from 2" to 1" polypro webbing, depending on the size of your dog.
It is rated at 1500psi.
For dogs 5-20 pounds we use 1" poly,
21-30lbs a combination of 1 & 1 1/2,
31-50lbs we use a combination of 1 1/2 - 2" and for dogs 51 and over we use 2" wide poly webbing.
All of our harnesses come fully padded
for your dogs comfort & protection.
We have the best finishing work out there, with no loose padding ends,
threads or webbing left unpadded for your dog's total comfort while working.(with the exception of the backstraps)

We also use hardwood dowels
for the spreader bar.

Measuring your Dog
For a Weight Pull Harness
A to B ~ Neck ~
Measure from top of breastbone to top of the neck where the collar rests.
Measure just one side.
A to C2 ~ Ribs ~
Measure from top of breastbone, down between front legs and
to an imaginary line with the last rib bone.
A to D ~ Rear ~
Measure from top of breastbone, down between front legs
and then straight back to the outside rear of the thigh .
A to C1 ~ Shoulders ~
Measure from the top of breastbone,
up and over the top of the whithers then down the opposite side to
the same imaginary line just below the last rib bone.
Some people ask us why we don't use "generic sizes"
like other harness makers.
We have found
that there is too much variance in using generic sizes,
especially when they go up in 10 pound increments.
Also as we specialize in all breeds,
there can be huge differences in the size of dogs of similar weights but different breeds.
Custom sizing provides your dog with the Best Fit!
Walking / Working 
Foxy in a reflective harness.
Zeke in his custom camo
Our own original design!
This is the most popular & durable
of walking/working harnesses next to leather for the APBT!

For 2011 we have added
a 1" D ring to the front
of the harness for licence, identification, bear bells or??
A fantasy walking harness in realtree camo with chocolate brown padding.
Also New for 2011!!

We are pleased to offer a walking harness with a handle on top. Got a DA dog that you'd like some extra control over when the need arises? Then this is for you.
Handle is an additional $5-, a small price for peace of mind!! Just make a notation in the comment box if you would like this addition.
Walking Harnesses are made with the same design as our weight pull harnesses, but with heavy duty side buckles.
The buckles are neoprene and are rated at 350psi each.
Webbing colors in 1 1/2" are Black, Red, Blue, White & Dark Green, or choose any fabric for an additional $5-.
Measuring Your Dog
For A Walking Harness
As with the weight pull harness, I need the measurement of the neck.
One side only from the top of the breastbone to the back of the neck.
The other measurement is the circumference of the rib cage, just back of the elbow.
This one goes all the way around your dog.
On the order form, please put this # in the comments box.
If you have any questions,please email us!

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