These harnesses are an example only of what we can accomplish. We can do all over fabric
or a 3/4 covering, which I highly recommend
if you are also adding embroidery
We can do your favorite colors, your kennel colors
or even your favorite sports team!
All harnesses available in all sizes.
Let your imagination run wild!

~~ Full fabric covering is an additional $30-
3/4 Fabric covering is an additional $25-~~
Fabric Samples Page
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These harnesses are exapmles of
Full Fabric covering,
They are available in any currently stocked fabric
(see fabric page) and any color of padding.
This is an example
of a 3/4 fabric covered harness.
A 3/4 covering is all upper straps and the inside back area of the traces.
I highly recommend this if
you are wanting a Fantasy Harness with Embroidery on it.
~~** If you would prefer to find your own fabric & send it here,
we can do that too.
For a full covering we need 1 YD, for a 3/4 covering, 3/4 Yd
There is a $10- charge for application **~~
DJ's Harness, totally customized to his owners specifications !
Willaim's harness is a 3/4 with added embroidery
Suki in her 3/4 Fantasy Harness with embroidery
This style of coloring has become known as
the "Cat" harness.
The Cat harness can be done in any color of babric
for the stripes
and any color of padding to coordinate or contrast!
Custom Patron Harness
The Original Walking/Working Harness!
These can also be made to your specifications !
"Fury" in her Hot Orange & jeweled Harness.
At right with proud
owner "Marci"
to see

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